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Brand Comparison

Here are a few reasons why Liquidomes puts an end to all Detectable Warnings problems



Formed on site and can be modified to change dome size, shape spacing and texture in accordance to clients request. Pre fabricated product in specific shape that is Not customizable to accommodate dome height or spacing requirements to clients Request. Must be cut and seamed to create any shape other than a rectangle


Available in all colors and can be customized to match Manufacturers Specifications Comes in 6 standard colors


A color change at any time can be achieved in less than five minutes. To change the color of the Detectable Warning after install, the entire Detectable Warning must be removed.


If a repair is ever required of an individual dome or affected area, it can be amended within minutes. To repair the Detectable Warning, the entire section or entire ramp must be removed and then replaced.


Ramp visibility and area contrast achieved by UV enhanced color and integral glass spheres. Visibility and texture can be enhanced with the application of external glass spheres. Ramp visibility and area contrast achieved by standard Detectable Warning color.


Chemically fuses to the substrate following all of the natural contours of the substrate. Must be mechanically fastened to substrate using a complex combination of screws, glues and caulking.


No noticeable transition from substrate to Detectable Warning. Transition can also be easily leveled aiding poor substrate conditions. A trip hazard transition is often created from the substrate to the Detectable Warning due to the height difference or an uneven surface.


Tested, approved and recommended for use on Asphalt and virtually any other substrate. Typically not recommended by manufacturer for installation on asphalt or textured substrates.


Finished Detectable Warning essentially becomes a part of the substrate. Liquidomes bonds to and moves with the substrate, not away from the substrate.
Finished Detectable Warning sits on top of substrate and can easily curl or break away.